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beach body

This summer, don't compare yourself to the spray tanned, filtered, posed, air brushed celebrity pics on Instagram and in the media. In fact, don't compare yourself to anyone. Love your body, as it is now. As it looks now. Don't hide behind cover ups and over-sized T-shirts. Be proud of your body. Love your body, as it is now. As it looks now.
Beach season is around the corner, summer is here and it's the time we all get to enjoy beautiful weather and fun outside. Let that motivate you, but let it motivate you to make small sustainable changes. No extreme bootcamps to quickly shed weight because you are embarrassed.
THE GOAL: Toning your legs THE EXPERT: Lacey Kondi, founder and creator of Kondi Fitness and, Vancouver
THE GOAL: Toning your whole body THE EXPERT:Eva Redpath, Nike Canada’s NTC master trainer THE INFO: It's not always easy
Summer may be bikini and beach season, but it's also a good time for us to hit our body's restart button. Celebrity trainer
Any sign of spring -- be it a bright sunny day or a soft breeze -- gets us thinking about what's to come -- March Break and