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Looks like someone didn't know about the border closure.
B.C.'s Conservation Officer Service tweeted out the photo as a reminder to the public to not feed wild animals.
An Alberta wildlife photographer captured these pictures of the happy family in Kananaskis Country last week.
A coach captured some stunning photos of the bear.
He wanted cake so badly, he just couldn't bear it.
Grizzlies are extremely susceptible to being caught in wolf or coyote killing snares. Although there are designated areas and seasons to protect grizzlies from falling victim to snares, these are quite ineffective in protecting bears. Hundreds upon hundreds of wolves are killed every year for a bounty that also causes the by-catch death of grizzly bears and countless other animals. In this new millennium, Canada has returned to the old adage of "shoot, shovel, and shut up."
What's a bear to do when the summer heat takes over? Enjoy a dip in a kiddie pool, of course. Toshi Miyamoto of California's
When you've got the munchies, you head for the fridge, right? Well, it's no different for a young black bear in British Columbia
Believe it or not, there is a bear in this photo. Waterton Lakes National Park posted the photo to Facebook, and it took
Talk about a power nap! Saskatchewan's electrical utility was alerted about a bear that had climbed to the top of one of
Oh, bother! The Greater Sudbury Police had to think, think, think of a solution when a real-life "Winnie the Pooh" popped
A Toronto-area taxi driver had the scare of a lifetime when he dropped off a passenger and saw a bear early Thursday. As