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bed and breakfast

The accommodations include a traditional English tea in the afternoon.
It's important to have a breakfast rich in protein, fibre and vitamins to fuel your body for the rest of your day.
I have always been a planner. I saved 10% of my income from the time I was 15 and put it into RRSP's which allowed my young family to get into the real estate market in 1997. Needless to say, when we sold, we had done well. But paying off reno loans, lines of credit and splitting the proceeds post divorce takes its own kind of hit.
I knew that buying a Bed and Breakfast meant learning to love household chores and maintenance even more than guest service
It took me two years of planning in the form of mulling, soul-searching and researching (even though on the outside it came as a surprise to everyone). Once you have done this work, though, the change happens fast and it simply won't go back in the box.
You'll want to spend every night in these cozy inns.
Arkial Room A short time later Tim noticed that the door to the Barachiel room was ajar. He walked in only to find Judith
Everyone dreams of enjoying a B and B in a bucolic town amongst other weary, cheery strangers. But does it always go down this way? Are there common mistakes made that you could learn from? That's what Matthew MacLean & Jamie Heimbecker wanted to discover before they opened MacLean Estates B and B in Owen Sound, Ontario.
Being twentysomething means many things; from being independent to considering your future options for life and prospects for work. You're old enough to pay into your RRSP and have a financial advisor, but young enough to furnish your apartment entirely in IKEA. If you've ever felt a bit lost, this is your guide.
For many Canadians, Canada Day is the beginning of their vacation. What will you do? Where will you go to unplug & reconnect? Whenever I participate on call-in shows, the most popular questions that I receive, are usually about tipping etiquette. Canadians from coast-to-coast want to know; to give or not to give and how much.