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bedtime routine

It helps literacy and emotional growth, but that's not all, a new survey reveals.
Maybe if I can just have them in bed reading by a certain time, then I can kill two birds with one stone.
Any parent knows raising a youngster takes a lot of love, time, effort and patience. But when a child isn't drifting off
Q. Why is it so important for children to have a regular bedtime and nightly routine? A. Kids like routines in general, whether
The connection between children's sleep and their overall brain health is undeniable. Without the requisite 10 to 12 hours of sleep recommended by The Canadian Pediatric Society (most children are getting only nine), schoolchildren aren't just facing a cranky day -- if the problem continues long-term, their development is at risk. Their brains will lack the rest needed to grow optimally, their insulin levels and metabolism may become imbalanced, and their immune functions can become compromised.
"Apparently the harder I try to run my evenings routinely... the opposite happens."
These simple tricks make bedtime so much easier.
"Mommy! Daddy! I had a nightmare!" These words can make your heart sink. How does a parent get inside their child's head and "protect" them from the "boogyman?" The answer is, frankly, you can't. But there IS a way to help your child learn how to face their nightmares.