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Bell Canada

Canada is at risk of "regulatory capture" in its telecom industry, TekSavvy is arguing.
Bell's limited-time offer will see subscribers' download speeds slowed down after 10 gigabytes of usage.
The telecom’s proposals would risk starting a trade war with the U.S., a University of Ottawa professor is warning.
The jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians are at risk from digital piracy, media companies say.
Company accused of “astroturfing” CRTC hearings.
Thousands of Canadians are registering their objections to the proposal.
It's the second data breach at the company in eight months.
A proposed agency tasked with censoring piracy websites would have no judicial oversight, a critic warns.
Canada's largest telco wants tougher new copyright laws written into NAFTA.
The Harper government needs to explain to Canadians how it intends to review and address national security concerns related to Verizon Communications' entry into this country's wireless market. Verizon has been deeply involved in the world's biggest ever spying scandal, as revealed by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden.
Canada's Big Three telecom giants are sounding increasingly desperate as their expensive ad campaign fails to connect with Canadians -- and now it looks like they're taking that desperation out on their employees. It's disappointing, although not surprising, that Big Telecom is resorting to strong-arming its employees into participating in their floundering campaign.
Six thousand employees at Bell Canada's campus were warned of a ban of holiday poinsettias at a large Mississauga office. because one of their fellow employees could have a life-threatening allergic reaction to the plant. Some are asking, "Is it fair to impose the needs of one on thousands of others?"