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We found deals on flights, cruises, hotel rooms, and more.
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Can’t wait until Nov. 29? Retailers like Walmart, H&M, Sport Chek are offering early Black Friday deals on appliances, electronics, clothing and more.
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Why wait until Black Friday on November 29 when you can score deals on laptops, headphones, cameras and TVs at Best Buy right now?
HuffPost Canada Finds
“There doesn’t seem to be a new exciting piece of consumer electronics on the horizon."
This is one way you can get a 4K TV for cheaper.
Sinking loonie, store closures and "softness in Canadian economy" to blame.
Where are we, exactly?
Future Shop has shuttered all its stores in Canada, putting some 1,500 retail employees out of work. Sixty-six stores will
Like it or not, online shopping is a big deal, and to dismiss it as something trivial is short-sighted at best. The question is, will there be a point in time when shopping will become a completely digital experience? Maybe not too soon, but the possibility is definitely there. Here's why:
Surface 2 32GB Tablet (save $150) Black Friday is almost here, and that means we can expect to see shoppers dash to electronics