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bill 62

Our politicians did not stand up for freedom of religion, women's rights and freedom of expression when they needed to.
There are unsettling parallels between Quebec's dehumanization of Muslims and the bigotry that formed in pre-war Canada.
Only when Canada faces up to its own colonial past will Muslim women's bodies stop being perceived as a civilizational threat.
What you are calling a "religious neutrality bill" is inherently and unfairly charged against one segment of society and not the other.
The obvious contradictions in the facts and intentions of Bill 62 expose Quebec, and Canada, to international criticism.
Is one a sign of greater emancipation and one a sign of greater oppression? Is it outrageous to ask the question?
It's absurd to pass any law that is so obviously a violation of that constitution and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
"We are confronted in Quebec by an actual anti-Muslim law."
This position is different than others he's taken — it's about building the kind of inclusive society he talked about.