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bill c51

Human rights or security? In Canada and around the world the debate rages on; but it is an utterly false debate. We must, finally and firmly, reject the assumption and assertion that more of one necessarily leads to less of the other. There is no security without human rights.
While some political parties are more responsible for instances of blatant racism than others, no political party has committed to action on combating racism in Canada. Aboriginal and racialized realities of being heavily surveilled, unfairly carded in the streets, and higher rates of violence remain fringe issues.
This is a rather short list of the shortfalls of Harper and the disgrace he brings to our country and I urge everyone to fully research candidates and get out and VOTE. I think the newest campaign launched by our veterans says it best when they say ABC: Anyone but Conservative
The Liberals supported the legislation in Parliament but have pledged to scrap controversial portions of it, if elected government come October.
"This bill represents an onerous and unnecessary attack on our individual rights and liberties," one-time Liberal candidate Victor Andres says.
"The games have just begun," the group tweeted.
The Harper government's controversial anti-terror legislation is set to become law after the Senate voted Tuesday to pass
Edmonton Centre MP Laurie Hawn defended the controversial anti-terror bill by questioning tech companies’ commitment to Canadian values.
With the support of federal Liberals, the Conservative government's controversial anti-terror legislation passed the House
Diane Ablonczy has an interesting way of talking about the "rule of law" and "fundamental justice." The Conservative MP was