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Billboard charts

"My First Album" is up against Beyonce and Iggy Azalea for chart supremacy.
Always on the go and up to a new and interesting project, David Ellefson -- legendary bassist and co-founding member of Megadeth -- has made a huge success out of his talents during a lifetime of work in the music industry.
In a system where Joss Stone wins an award for best Reggae artist, it's worth examining the long and storied history of white performers profiting off of historically Black musical genres, and how versions of this inequality exist to this day.
It's that time in your life when summer seemed to last for six months and the school year seemed to last fourteen. And when your heart raced like crazy when you saw that girl you had a crush on from all the way across the gym. I'm talking, of course, about 1985. Let's open up the time capsule and look back on the Billboard Top 5 hits this week thirty years ago.