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The meme stocks came for Wall Street, and hedge funds lost billions of dollars.
A lot has changed in the tech world.
When you've hit bottom, the only way to go is .. software?
The rise and fall of BlackBerry is a well-documented. The BlackBerry was an iconic product and a Canadian tech success story. However, with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple went beyond handsets and showed that the real value lay in what is called by product marketers, the whole product.
As former marketing professionals, we are struck by the parallel between the formative years of young adults and product design. Delivering a valuable product is rarely about a single feature (such as a degree), rather, it's about the "whole product." This whole product analogy can help young adults to view their development differently.
More than one million messages decrypted in organized crime probe.
Facebook dropping it's app support for BlackBerry OS.
Canada is a vast country with ample resources, however political and economic machinery in this country are not open enough to create true and genuine marketplace for disruptive ideas. Cultural, artistic and intellectual innovation form the foundation of innovative economies. No nation can stay competitive and economically advanced while stagnating culturally and intellectually. Innovation requires taking risk and being open to new ideas. The biggest obstacles in the way of innovation in Canada are regressive and closed institutions.
We can't be the taxi companies, Blackberry or other organizations that refused to adapt and change. We need to keep improving, listening and being better. It's not enough just to be the best of bad. We need to be actually good. Making hard choices that result in better and more effective services.
The majority of Canadians believe driverless car technology will result in fewer accidents, speeding and drunk driving. Advancements in electronics that will make the driverless car a reality are certainly the talk of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016).
For all of you naysayers out there who think its too late for Blackberry and that they missed their opportunity, I'm here to tell you that the Priv might make you change your mind. Blackberry CEO John Chen has set a sales goal of five million units in the next year, and hitting that goal may keep Blackberry in the handheld market.
The Canadian smartphone company says in a blog post that it will continue to operate in Pakistan until Dec. 30 as a result
2016 or bust?
He tried. We'll give him that.
BlackBerry is expected to report another disappointing chapter this week in Canada’s favourite will-they-or-won’t-they turnaround story.
Not everyone can take a 96-per-cent pay cut and still make money hand over fist, but BlackBerry CEO John Chen is easily among
Shares of BlackBerry soared Wednesday after a news report that South Korea’s Samsung has approached the smartphone maker
Well, this is awkward. Someone with control over the official BlackBerry Twitter account sent out the following tweet Tuesday
BlackBerry's share of the smartphone market is now miniscule, but at least one mega-celebrity still swears by their devices