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body positive movement

Yes ladies, show off that squish!
There's so much truth in this.
"Fashion isn’t just about size," says Nadia Aboulhosn.
This is the diversity we should be seeing at fashion weeks.
These men are breaking free from so-called "plus-size" rules.
I am learning to love myself, but sometimes it's not enough. All the love I can give myself can't cancel out the hate that people have for fat bodies. If we want to be real about changing the way that beauty is portrayed and what bodies are considered good, then everyone has to do the heavy lifting to normalize marginalized bodies together.
"Embracing all of our bumps and curves is a beautiful thing."
Sixteen women talk about the emotional effects of being plus size, their history with confidence issues, their thoughts on body positivity, as well as their incredible journeys to self-love and acceptance.
Some rules are just meant to be broken.
"I love these stretch marks because they're a reminder of giving birth to two beautiful, wonderful girls."
"Whatever, I've earned my tiger stripes."
Embrace those curves!