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A U.K. plastic surgeon posted side-by-side photos of the duchess on Instagram he says show she had the procedure.
People who sweat normally may experience the discomfort of sweat trickling down the back on a hot summer day, but imagine how debilitating hyperhidrosis could be with your entire body continuously wet and sweating, and having to interact with others.
As Western women seek flawless, radiant complexions, they are turning to Asia for the latest beauty innovations. From skin whiteners, to BB and CC creams, to cosmetic injectable treatments that reshape and contour the face, the hottest skin care trends have been pouring out of South Korea gaining cult-like momentum across the globe.
Want to get your Skin #FITforTIFF? Here are my top tips for red carpet-ready skin.
Know that feeling when you search for something online and all of a sudden ads are popping up about it? That creepy feeling
We rely on the expression around the eyes with our partners to connect. It tells us if they are feeling safe or happy or worried or threatened. Without this cue we don't know how to respond. We see this in children with autism who have flat muscle tone around the eyes; not only are we unable to understand their social engagement cues, but they are not able to understand ours either.
One woman learned the hard way that the quest for beauty can come at a high cost. Apryl Brown, 47, lost her arms, legs, and
I actually started thinking more about this stuff when, last year, I read a press release from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons which noted that two out of three surgeons are seeing botched filler procedures, some of them untreatable due to permanent damage.
It's not uncommon for people go for a run on their lunch break. Often people read a book, others make a quick shopping trip
As children go back to school, more moms are heading out for anti-aging treatments in the U.K., with one in five mothers