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Brant Secunda

Your springtime instincts are telling you it's time to do some spring cleaning for the soul. Perhaps you want to lose weight, or get outdoors more, or make some new friends. Whatever your goal, here are seven ways to replenish your soul and start off on a new path to health and happiness.
February is American Heart Month. It provides a wonderful opportunity for us to focus on the organ that beats around 3 billion times, nonstop, in the average human lifetime. Why not take this month to pay attention to your heart's heath? Here are six ways to do it.
When I started training with Mark, a six-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion, it became apparent to both of us that he needed to think of fitness in broader terms -- in terms of his spirit and emotions--in order to become the champion he aspired to be. Here are six lessons that helped Mark -- and can help you -- become a top performer in sports, business, and in life.