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breast cancer prevention

Limit scrolling through your phones before bed, ladies.
The findings are based on an analysis of 119 studies.
Not all breast cancer signs look the same.
Early in this year's breast cancer madness, a friend posted a photo with a caption on my Facebook page. It depicted a slim woman, nude except for panties, arms raised, flying her (matching) black bra overhead. The caption: "Support breast cancer. Set the tatas free. Oct. 13 no bra day." I don't love it and here is why.
They're now recommending starting at age 45.
Advances in treating breast cancer have been remarkable, and early detection using mammography has been a huge success. However, there has not been enough emphasis on the prevention of breast cancer. Unfortunately, at present, there are no guaranteed ways to prevent breast cancer, but there are a number of strategies that can significantly reduce one's risk.
Women diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast sometimes opt to remove both breasts through a double mastectomy as a preventative
The largest study of its kind to date has shown that three-dimensional imaging finds more breast cancers than traditional
Here's a good reason to go for a short walk or run today: While prior research has already found that regular exercise can
What Angelina Jolie and Michael Douglas have in common is that both are using their celebrity status to bring attention to the very realistic threat of cancer. For now, we must rely on celebrities to get the public's attention about important health threats. Both celebrities have provoked discussion, but where do we go from here?
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are many facts about what the disease entails — and what it doesn't