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Many families lost their leftover milk supply in power outages.
"Women make this stuff look way too easy," the rapper said.
She opens up about the birth of her daughter Kit in her new book of essays.
"I'm laughing from both the joy and the excruciating pain of childbirth and postpartum."
Today's Parent shows a post-birth moment between mother and child in its full un-retouched glory.
Hiding in the bathroom or the hallway for a few minutes helps.
Like many of us, her hands were dry from coronavirus precautions.
Unlike viruses like HIV and Ebola, the novel coronavirus doesn't spread through breast milk.
And she wants more non-gestational partners to know it's an option.
She and her wife Andrea Wilmot welcomed son Lua in December.
The "Pretty Little Liars" star got super candid on an episode of Ashley Graham's "Pretty Big Deal."
You'd think people would know better by now.
She and baby Atlas are "breast friends," the actress wrote.
"When motherhood has blindsided you, leaving you broken-hearted, you can come out on the other side feeling even stronger."
If this new episode of "Almost Ready" is meant to be funny, we're not laughing.