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Brian Gallant

If past elections are an accurate predictor, the province will see yet another turn of the revolving door between Liberal and Conservative governments.
The fallout may make it that much harder to hold the public's confidence when election day finally arrives.​​​​​​​
Move over, Dwight Ball.
Meanwhile, Brad Wall remains Canada's most popular premier.
The problem with establishing a Federal Cannabis Tax Fund is that somebody needs to ask for it, now, before the legislation is drafted. Mayors and councils across Canada may be reluctant to raise this publicly while marijuana is still illegal and because there is no formal recognition of municipal governments in our constitution.
Brian Gallant and Stephen McNeil see fortunes rise after win by federal Liberals.
Harper, Mulcair, and Trudeau may want to be seen with some of these folks. Others? Not so much.
New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant seems poised to follow through on a campaign promise to institute a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. News reports suggest he'll implement that moratorium before Christmas. Quite a lump of coal for the people of his province in need of additional jobs and higher incomes.
New Brunswick Liberal Leader Brian Gallant's campaign team is in damage control mode after a botched interview where he tripped
Brian Gallant's Liberals are on track for a big victory in New Brunswick's provincial election, according to two new polls
Will New Brunswick be the next province to elect a Liberal government when voters head to the polls in September? Liberal
If an election were held today in the four Atlantic provinces, Liberals would win landslide victories in all of them, ousting
The (relatively new) leader of the British Labour Party, Ed Miliband, is turning out to be a very capable leader, and not