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Brian Mulroney

The former PM reminded everyone about Bush's instrumental role following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
In responding to the Superior Court judge's ruling, Ford harkened back to a popular right-wing argument in the post-Charter era.
Caroline Mulroney is defending Ontario's use of the controversial provision.
The former PM said Canada will prevail in getting a new free trade agreement with the United States.
Mulroney sang the same song to Reagan in 1985.
Ethiopia is no stranger of aid workers, community builders and contributors from Canada. But what sets John Graham apart
I'm proud of Mrs. Grégoire Trudeau's involvement and support of causes. I just think she chose the wrong audience at the wrong time. Most parents who work full-time or more would be over the moon to have one helper. To want to have two plus an office of staff comes across as tone-deaf and elitist, even if it is warranted by the purposes you are taking on. I think I speak for the majority of the average families out there when they would say that if you can't handle the workload you're taking on, you're going to have to consider cutting back or looking at taking some money out of your pocket to find a workaround.
Sinatra was, outside of the world of opera, the greatest singer of the 20th century. As we mark on December 12 the 100th anniversary of his birth, we remember that he was a once-in-a-century talent. Until his later years, he never hit a wrong note.