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The measures will cost an estimated $595 million over the next five years.
Whether "staging to stay" or "staging to sell," this is how to set the scene without breaking the bank!
The gender wage gap is a product of many phenomena, and pay equity alone cannot alleviate all those differences.
Building a gender-based budget means more than just putting money into issues we tend to think as being targeted at women
Their decisions about where money will flow or be cut back have direct impact on the prevalence of gender-based violence, discrimination, and poverty.
This is pretty big: graduating high school! It's a major accomplishment. Now, for the first time, you get to decide what your next steps will be. College? University? Both are exciting options, but there is one important question you need to answer.
The Brad Wall government had some difficult choices to make. It could have asked the rich to pay a little more. Instead, it told the poor to pay a lot more. Though this budget may help reduce the provincial deficit, it will be bad for poverty and for the long-term health of the Saskatchewan economy.
Weak growth necessitates that we use all of Canada's assets to reignite our economy. Yet, data are assets that have yet to be effectively leveraged. While we fixate on the numbers of startups or high growth firms, do we really have adequate data with which to build a resilient labour force or an innovative economy?
The Liberal Government has stated they want to build a strong middle class, but who comprises the middle class? Mr. Morneau in his 2017 budget speech stated, "All Canadians must pay their fair share of taxes," but what is a "fair share"? Let's do the math and find out.