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budget 2013

Canadians’ views have shifted away from the economic priorities of the Conservative Party over the past decade, a possible
The Conservative government released the federal budget for 2014 Tuesday and, as usual, it's a reflection of Stephen Harper's
For the first time in Canadian history, more than half of the federal government’s revenue in 2014 will come from personal
Mr. Flaherty may indeed eliminate the deficit in 2015-16 as planned. We hope he does. But his plan as conceived still contains considerable risk that shouldn't be ignored. More conservative revenue forecasts and lower program spending would reduce these risks and help to ensure he can deliver on his promise.
To achieve the target of eliminating the deficit by 2015-16, the government announced new commitments that are intended to restrain the growth of spending. This is perhaps partly in recognition of the slow economic growth environment and the fact that robust revenue growth cannot be counted on as the sole basis for returning to balance.
Highly skilled union negotiators have been playing the federal government like a sucker at a high-stakes poker game, using rich contract settlements at government-owned companies as examples for the next round of demands from the government itself.
Opposition and labour leaders are in an uproar after it was revealed the Harper government plans to take more direct control
The Harper government is quietly seizing greater control of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, while a public advocacy
OTTAWA — Opposition parties are accusing the Conservative government of hypocrisy after it hid a massive price increase on
The Harper government made Canada’s skilled labour shortage one of the focuses of its recently delivered budget, but data