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budget deficit

Canadians are worried about taxpayers’ huge bill for the pandemic response ― but don’t think now is the time to pull back.
High government debt levels in the years to come will hold Canada back, Fitch Ratings says.
But the government went into the COVID-19 crisis with considerably less debt than other wealthy nations.
But thanks to rock-bottom interest rates, taxpayers will only be on the hook for $1 billion a year
Our huge borrowing binge will still be way less, proportionally, than what the U.S. is about to do.
Spending more on infrastructure would boost Canada's economy, Poloz argues.
The proposed budget will increase government spending while having a deficit of $29.4 billion. It will direct billions of dollars to infrastructure spending, First Nations, and the middle class and lower income groups.
Canada's government once borrowed half of what it spent. We're nowhere near that today.
Capital gains taxes are the biggest problem, Toby Sanger says.
"The government has the flexibility to provide fiscal stimulus to a Canadian economy that badly needs it."
Some economists say a large deficit is just what's needed right now.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was on the campaign trail Thursday touting what his government is calling a return to
Provincial governments in the Prairies are the worst chronic overspenders in Canada when it comes to delivering what they
After running six consecutive deficits totaling $156.5 billion, Flaherty has been clear that balancing the budget in 2015-16 is his top priority. Budget 2014 reaffirms that commitment. Despite risks in Flaherty's plan, his budget signals that a return to surplus may soon be upon us. The next step for the federal government is to enact an ambitious personal tax reform plan.
Prime Minister Harper is proving a political populist by practice and fiscal hawk by necessity; his finance minister, Jim Flaherty, is actually more the reverse. That tandem is holding, for now. A new Bank of Canada governor means renewed focus on the country's economic direction.
The province announced yesterday that their projected budget deficit may actually be more than 300% higher - or as much as
The federal government doesn’t need to ramp up spending cuts, and implementing them could harm Canada’s economy as it struggles
Good evening. I'm delighted so many people have taken time out of their evening to be here -- especially on a night of gale
Good news! Canada's budget deficit is shrinking even before the federal government introduces its budget cuts. There's an important lesson for the whole world from the Canadian experience: the actions a government might take to reduce its deficit -- cutting spending, raising taxes -- can prolong the recession.
Canada's combined federal and provincial net debt will pass $1.1 trillion at 11 p.m. ET on October 3, according to a recent