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It's vital to check in on your own well-being.
Judgment and online attacks have forced me to step back after years of raising awareness about domestic violence.
Data from Funky Pigeon shows Canadian parents could be earning six figures.
Recognition that they're not the secondary parent is a good start.
Politicians simply assume that doctors will always be there to do the work, no matter the working conditions
When do you decide you're under too much stress? When do you call in sick and take a mental health day? When do you put you at the top of your to-do list? Not often enough, I say - and when we do, it's usually because our body has given us no choice in the matter.
We need to be selective about which situations to give our full power to, in order to prevent our strengths from becoming weaknesses. To calibrate where and how much to expend. This necessitates knowing our self, knowing our audience, evaluating each circumstance, and ultimately... exercising judgement.
The problem is that it's overwhelming to be always doing more than your fair share in your workplace. Being the "nice" person at work invariably leads to mounting stress, exhaustion, frustration and ultimately burnout, when you can no longer cope with the pressures of having to over-perform.