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butt exercises

Get ready to feel the burn.
Talk about an efficient workout!
But don't just do it for the belfie!
You can do all of these workouts at home!
It may have just been the year of the butt, but we're not ready to let go of our booty appreciation just yet. A fit butt
We all gain weight in different parts of our bodies, but for those who find that many of their pounds are packed onto their
THE GOAL: Toning your butt THE EXPERT:Lee Boyce, fitness writer and strength coach based in Toronto THE INFO: Chances are
Summer's all about working out that bikini body and getting your assets in order may just come down to six moves. Leandro
Every woman seems to have a goal in mind for their backside. Standing and engaging your postural muscles has a waist-slimming effect. The added benefit to this, better spine alignment and all the health benefits of increased neural and blood flow. But who cares about the health benefits, people are going to be asking your trainer for "That Butt," and pointing at you.
Chances are, you're sitting all day at a desk — and wondering if all your meals are going straight to your thighs and butt