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Rep. Madison Cawthorn is setting off suspicions that he is part of Donald Trump’s shadow “cabinet” after he tweeted photos of a meeting with the former president.
The billionaire Trump Cabinet member reaped nine figures during her four years in office, a watchdog group revealed.
The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, will serve as the country's 19th secretary of transportation.
Congress will soon pass a special waiver for former general Lloyd Austin to be defense secretary amid fears that the military is becoming politicized.
The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor would be the first openly gay Cabinet secretary confirmed by the Senate.
President-elect Joe Biden is receiving criticism on his Cabinet picks as he prepares to take on the White House in January.
Leaks, surprise picks and jockeying for the remaining spots are all contributing to the pressure.
The Laquan McDonald scandal and a rocky history with labor unions loom over an Emanuel nomination to a Cabinet post.
The CNN host assailed the Florida senator for maligning expertise and experience.
The president-elect also nominated Avril Haines to serve as the director of national intelligence. She would be the first woman to do so if confirmed.
He called on state legislatures to have the "courage" to overturn the presidential election in his favor as time is running out.
The CNN host explained why "the world will never know General Trump."
Trump once again countered his intelligence chief by claiming Russia is no longer targeting the United States.
Hours after David Davis left as Brexit secretary, Boris Johnson has announced that he also cannot support the government’s brexit policy by resigning.
Donald Trump's cabinet seems to have very expensive taste and taxpayers are footing the bill.
"Is Pence best described as a sycophant, a toady or a lickspittle?"
After a Cabinet meeting, the White House sent a press release touting praise of Trump from the people who work for him.