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cable tv

More and more media companies are jumping into the streaming game, and that could cost consumers.
But there's one thing keeping many viewers from cutting the cord altogether.
Video killed the radio in 1979, now in 2017 our generation is killing traditional television viewing with a steady decline in cable subscription as more Canadians use their online devices (and televisions) to stream digital content from services such as Netflix, Crave and Amazon Prime Video.
For $35 a month, YouTube subscribers will be able to replace cable TV.
And some customers are not happy.
But cord-cutting still isn't hurting cable company profits in Canada.
CBC ran a story this weekend about HBO's angry letter blitz, where the network has been sending out copyright notices to Canadians asking them to please stop pirating Game of Thrones. There are plenty of legit ways to get the acclaimed fantasy adventure show, the network says -- except that there aren't.
"There's nothing good on TV these days."