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TiVo, the set-top box that lets Americans record live TV to watch later, has landed in Canada. Cogeco Cable, which only operates
In news likely to cause Canada’s telecom executives to break out in cold sweats, a poll has found Canadians strongly support
This week, we learned that about one in five Canadian television subscribers has said goodbye to cable or satellite contracts and opted to get his TV fix from streaming and over-the-air sources instead. This makes me wonder about the future of Canadian content rules. Mandating the percentage of CanCon that gets aired works in the cable monopoly model, but it's a tough feat when consumers are selecting and purchasing what they will watch on an individual show-by-show basis. Government's attempts at force-feeding viewers particular categories of pedigreed entertainment are going to become a losing proposition.
About one in 50 Canadian TV subscribers has ditched their cable or satellite service to rely on streaming and over-the-air