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calgary flooding

When disaster strikes, the costs -- both emotionally and financially -- can be significant. While it's impossible to predict when and where the next emergency scenario or disaster may strike, the principles of preparedness remain the same.
"If climate change is a shark, then water is its teeth." Like a fish that doesn't notice the shark until it feels its sharp bite, humans will first feel the effects of climate change through water. Under current projections, most freshwater ecosystems globally will face ecologically significant impacts by the middle of this century.
Two years after Calgary’s great flood, what is being done to prepare for the next one?
When life gives you severe thunderstorms, go kayaking.
As temperature rise across Alberta, so are massive pools of water, sending crews and homeowners scrambling to keep localized
As waters rose to levels that threatened to swallow vast swaths of southern Alberta this summer, it was the question that
2. WE LEARNED THAT... those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Reports and strategies published following the 2005
One year before flooding devastated Calgary, officials were given a study that warned the next big flood to hit the city
A recently-released photo taken from a flight over Calgary captures the extent of flooding the city experienced in June and
Calgarians are quite happy with how their city is being run, especially with how the city handled response to June's floods