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For Calgarian Jaida Shenfield, the beauty of her hometown isn’t lost on her. But she is a little lost on where to start exploring in order to break out her usual weekly routine. Watch as she and “Like A Tourist” host, Emily Anonuevo, become fast friends as the explore hidden gem after hidden gem.
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Yes, that sausage is one metre long.
If you are looking for a unique dining experience in YYC, you'll want to check out any of these restaurants with insane levels of character -- and delicious food, I might add!
With the value of the dollar at a depressingly low value, crossing the border for a food holiday can be an expensive venture. It's time for Canadians to start looking within the country for the next great culinary experience. While the mind immediately begins with Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto or Quebec City, some of the most interesting food is coming out of Calgary.
Calgary's Chinatown is an exciting place to go and try new cuisines, and for those who are already familiar with some of its top-notch restaurants, to come back and delight in some old favourite dishes at any time. Here are Calgaryism's top restaurants you have got to try the next time you're in Calgary's Chinatown.
Halifax is considering making the donair the city's official food.
Calgary's creative food entrepreneurs have taken to trucks like a bento to a burrito, or naan to a taco. If you don't see the connection, read on. Whatever feeds your fancy, one thing is certain -- pound the pavement in Calgary and you're sure to turn up some satisfying street food.
Part of the foodie culture is to seek out and try new foods you've never had before, and once you find something you like, to keep coming back for more. Having said that, I must say that these three French restaurants in Calgary have me hooked not only on the more recognized French fare they serve, but also on the fact that I might order an appetizer, entrée or dessert I haven't tried just yet only to discover a new personal favourite.
What better place to begin your summer patio hopping than on 17th Avenue SW? Here are Calgaryism's top five "Red Mile" patios you just have to visit.
Here are some of the most anticipated new Calgary restaurants to look out for in 2014, from your source for everything Calgary - Calgaryism.
The year is half over, and Calgary has a lot to show for it! Skip your standard standbys and try one of these latest, greatest restaurants. From high end eats to local burger joints, these new kids on the block are filling a void we didn't even know we had!