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Canada Election 2019

He used public money to boost Liberal candidates’ election campaigns, the watchdog ruled.
Officials say tech upgrades and extended advanced polling staffing drove up costs.
It was supposed to encourage more young people to register to vote.
Information in languages like Inuktitut, Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, or Oji-Cree could help engage more voters.
From scandals, spin and slams to a minority government.
The veteran politician announced she is stepping down.
Only in Ontario are people more confident in the economy now than before the vote.
Ontario’s premier has been vocal about the worries of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
The former cabinet minister has denied he wants to replace Scheer as Tory leader.
The NDP leader made a run at Andrew Scheer.
More than 63% of voters supported parties with substantial climate change platforms.
Women in power receive a staggering amount of hate, online and off.
A number of recently elected female MPs — some even calling themselves "feminists" — back pro-life policies.
She is the territory's first NDP MP in three decades.
Many Canadian oil industry players had pinned their hopes on a Conservative victory.
The Ontario premier previously said he’d “move on” once Canadians had their say at the ballot box.
The Conservative leader says results in Saskatchewan, Alberta speak for themselves.
It's just too much to explain, so here's a picture.
But there’s still a lot more work to do before we achieve gender parity.