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Expanding CanCon to streaming services could result in $800 million more in investment into Canadian productions, the feds say.
The telecom’s proposals would risk starting a trade war with the U.S., a University of Ottawa professor is warning.
Canada's Netflix catalogue is now the third-largest in the world.
The move recognized that market incentives are the best way to ensure Canadians get the cultural products they want.
The era of Canadian networks running U.S. shows may be coming to an end.
Jean-Pierre Blais had some direct words for the CBC as well.
Canada is one of Netflix's top three locations worldwide for TV production.
But charging a sales tax on Netflix seems fair to many.
How do you fund Canadian content in the digital age?
The digital revolution has brought many wonderful things. Canadians can plug into international events from the comfort of their own home or office, or from just about anywhere thanks to mobile devices. And the world, we hope, can do the same to find out about the great north -- Canada. The challenge, it seems, is in making sure there's Canadian content for the world to find and enjoy. Finding ways to balance the digital era with supporting local programming is key if Canada is going to continue to foster local democracy in communities.