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Canadian Dollar

Now is the time to spend them!
Canadian oil is trading at a mere US$9 per barrel.
Canada's relatively high interest rates and rising commodity prices are making the loonie attractive. But the Bank of Canada might not like that.
All that debt consumers have to pay off will be a drag on the value of the dollar.
Canada's economy grew faster than expected in October, but oil prices and stock markets are falling.
British Columbia is “particularly exposed” to the fallout from the arrest of Huawei’s CFO, a new analysis finds.
NAFTA's replacement leaves much of the old trade pact intact, a relief for markets.
Traders lose some faith in Canada amid a slowing economy and new U.S. import tariffs.
The multibillion-dollar question: where does our economic future lie?
High household debt, risk of a NAFTA collapse will weigh on the Canadian dollar.
Canada's economy is firing on all cylinders.
The currency spiked to its highest level in two years Wednesday morning.
New Brunswick, ranked in 2014 by the Conference Board of Canada as one of the worst provincial (GDP) performing economies in the world, can not seem to shake off decade-after-decade of economic mismanagement.
Stocks and the U.S. dollar are down. Bets Trump is history are up.
Many global investors don't know enough about Canada to make informed decisions, CIBC says.
It's one aspect of Canada's economy that's totally in the dumps.
Canadian dollar tanks on fears of a trade war.
Looks like money traders still see the loonie as a petro-currency.
As if 2016 wasn't already a bad year for the Canadian dollar.
Traders are loving the U.S. dollar right now.