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Canadian federal election

It is extraordinary and unprecedented that a federal political party would want to wage, as part of its re-election campaign, a war on niqab-wearing Muslim women. The sequence of events that led up to the recent Federal Court of Appeal decision suggest that events played out exactly as Conservative strategists planned or, at least, as they would have wished.
There is no proof that it affected the outcomes in six ridings at issue, so the elections will not be overturned.
Since healthcare hasn't been discussed much, this chart can help.
"You need to be an example. You need to vote."
Three widely acknowledged conversational no-fly zones at business or social gatherings are religion, politics and sex. To venture into any of these potentially volatile spaces is to risk triggering a difference in opinion or, worse, an argument with those you are attempting to build a new business relationship with.
Instead of insisting on voting only for an ideal candidate with whose orientation and policies we fundamentally agree, and feeling guilty if we vote for the "lesser of evils," perhaps in voting for the lesser of evils we're fulfilling our evolutionary responsibility.