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canadian housing bubble

The entire economy - including government revenues and thereby the services offered by these governments - depends on wild property speculation. And everyone is praying that it can somehow be maintained.
The government of B.C.'s decision to impose a 15 per cent hike in Land Transfer Taxes for foreigners who buy real estate in metro Vancouver will do almost nothing to lower high housing prices. It will, however, generate even more money for a government that has already profited enormously from foreign nationals.
Shots fired! While our media has been pointing out how Chinese buyers are driving up real estate prices, the Chinese media has been dissecting our economy and government, and warning Chinese buyers of the dangers of owning Canadian real estate.
But it wouldn't exactly be a repeat of the U.S.'s housing bubble.
"This is a bubble. A very big bubble. And it is going to end in tears."
With Canadian household debt hitting record highs this fall, economists are trying to figure out who's most at risk in the
You’ve heard it before: Canadian housing is in a bubble, and a price crash is headed our way. It’s been said enough times
If the next Canadian government doesn't take serious pro-active measures to ensure that the cost of sheltering for Canadians becomes affordable, there is a good possibility where, in a not so distant future, foreigners may become major landlords of Canadian homes, dictating their prices and rentals. Effectively, they'll become in position to hold Canadians at ransom in their own country.
“Look at a city like Vancouver. How can a young couple even live in the city where they’re working? That’s not good for families and not good for the economy."
Crash could come in autumn, when U.S. expected to raise rates Vancouver expected to be epicentre Similar bets against Canada
Good news for homebuyers: There are finally some signs that the astronomical climb in Canada’s average home price is starting
Overvalued real estate markets in Canada and elsewhere show an "unhappy resemblance" to the conditions that existed in America
The No. 1 issue on James Hodgins’ mind is the eventual rise in short-term interest rates. The chief investment officer at
Seven in ten Canadian mortgage lenders are concerned the country’s real estate sector is headed toward an unsustainable bubble
Canada’s housing market will move into a protracted slump around 2018 thanks to shifting population patterns, the Bank of
There’s been plenty of discussion in recent years over whether Canada’s seemingly unstoppable house price hikes are a sign
Canada should reduce the risk of a housing correction by making mortgage lenders shoulder more risk, the OECD says in a new
Benjamin Tal never imagined himself the defender of the Canadian housing market, but the deputy chief economist at Canadian
Ever notice how everyone seems to be wrong about Canada’s housing market? The pessimists predicting a housing bubble collapse
Not only is there not a housing bubble, but Canada’s low interest rates mean there’s plenty of room for house prices to grow