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The health and fitness PSAs are well-loved by Canadians, but almost didn't happen.
HuffPost had 12 nominations.
The union is adding fuel to its anti-Conservative reputation.
The measures will cost an estimated $595 million over the next five years.
Not what you want to hear if you have a subscription-based business model.
"Fake news story after fake news story," she charges.
The representation problem on Canadian screens is severe, not just in terms of ethnic diversity but also gender. Why are we still slow on the take, emulating what Hollywood does without considering what we should be doing better? Why are we still waiting for someone else to fix our problem?
My initial reaction to hearing about the appropriation prize was feeling like I was being slapped in the face. I now realize the Twitter revelations are actually incredibly affirming: they let me know that I am not just imagining things; that Canadian media really is incredibly hostile to the voices of indigenous, black and people of colour.
"I didn't want to take up space arguing."
It matters because while there are more than enough talented people of colour in this industry -- even more so have come on board the last two decades -- those of us who are here are frustrated.