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canadian money

Sgt. Tommy Prince’s life exemplifies both incredible bravery and the persistent racism faced by Indigenous people.
Some bills are worth thousands of dollars more than their face value.
Experts were asked to workshop ideas for the bill's image and message.
“Now is the time.”
This kid has a great idea for the design of new Canadian coins. For a school assignment, fourth-grader Julia had to draw
For years, Canadians have enjoyed turning Sir Wilfrid Laurier into Mister Spock and Severus Snape on $5 bills. Sadly, those
On Monday, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney apologized to those offended by the Bank's handling of the design process of its latest $100 bills. It seems to me that the Bank always had good intentions, even if terribly executed. Given the feedback, it isn't surprising that the Bank reconsidered using the image. If they had left it, they were stuck with a bill that some found offensive. It was lose-lose. My two cents? Stick to pictures of animals.