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canadian seal hunt

Although his last concert here was October 12, 2004, that hasn't stopped Morrissey from taking aim at Canada's annual seal
UPDATE: 7:45 a.m. — Humane Society International/Canada has issued a statement saying that it is campaigning to end the commercial
Mark Critch earned slew of new fans and enemies Tuesday by crashing an anti-seal hunt event featuring Pamela Anderson and
Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain had Twitter all a-flutter when he came out smacking his lips in support of the seal hunt. As so often happens when celebrities wade into unfamiliar issues, his tweets display a gross lack of understanding of Canada, its geography, its people, and its wildlife.
I have been in touch with Canadian fishermen who no longer want to endure the dangerous conditions of the hunt and would like their government to consider a buy back of their licenses. However, the Canadian government refuses to buy out the industry, instead choosing to heavily subsidize the seal hunt.
A newly released video is putting focus on the only seal hunt in the southern hemisphere. The graphic footage of the Namibian
The image of a harp seal bleeding to death is apparently too graphic for Canadian television. The Television Bureau of Canada
UPDATE: Liberal Sen. Mac Harb's anti-seal hunt bill will finally be the subject of debate in the Senate Harb gained the initial