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Canadian travellers

When travelling, fine print is everywhere. From booking a flight to reserving a hotel room to signing for insurance, there are plenty of paragraphs of tiny text that few travellers take the time to read, let alone understand. But sometimes it can pay to know what's said in the little lines.
Summer is prime time for travel, and people across Canada are busy making vacation plans and trying to figure out the best destination for an unforgettable trip. One important factor for many Canadians when it comes to deciding where to go is cost. Knowing cheap flights are available is one thing, but it's even better knowing exactly where your best options are for a budget-friendly flight. That's where we come in.
The great thing about Florida is that each city has its own unique personality and appeal. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect at some of the most frequently visited cities, by Canadians.
What's on your mind when you travel? Sure, you want to see the sights... but sometimes those sights are sitting right across the aisle from you in 16C. So what do you do? A new survey breaks down the travel hookup habits of Canadians, and the results are spicier than you might think.
With each new year comes new opportunities to travel. But rather than sticking to the tried and true, make this the year you mix it up with some outside-the-box vacation destinations. You'll be able enjoy new sights and reasonable prices without sacrificing the level of comfort and hospitality you'd expect at typical vacation spots.
You've researched the hot spots and created the perfect packing list, but have you taken a moment to look into the customs
As a relatively young nation, Canada is certainly still learning from its elders, but that doesn't mean the country hasn't
What’s nice about travelling in June is that there’s no shortage of choice. Whether it’s a far-flung excursion or a short
The Victoria Day long weekend is here and that means there's bound to be some travelling involved over the next few days
The month of May is well under way but so are the travel plans of many Canadians and here are the photos to prove it. To