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canadian tuxedo

Not a stitch of red or white in sight.
A fashion faux-pas is what is considered a style blunder. It is something one must not do, in order to not deviate from the societal norm, and spare oneself embarrassment. So they say. Concepts of what's fashionable and what's not, are subjective and ever-changing.
July 1 brings with it many emotions. First, national pride. Second, fear, after hearing an unexpected firework. (Seriously
Now this is how you wear a Canadian tuxedo! On Thursday, Beyonce posted an Instagram video of herself posing like a boss
We never thought we would ever say this so brace yourselves: jeans are in trouble! According to CTV News, denim jeans might
Katie Holmes must have read our story on why the Canadian Tuxedo is the best outfit ever because girl just wore the style
17. They will transform you into Jennifer Lopez. 15. They're totally relevant. 13. They are all over the runways. 14. They
After news broke that Kim Kardashian's Vogue issue would be a massive bestseller, the rising fashion star stepped out looking