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Eden Robinson's trilogy is flipping the script on Indigenous stereotypes in media.
Emmy history made, with not an “Ew, David” in sight.
They all self-isolated in advance so that they could celebrate the night together.
His ode to the iconic Ryan Gosling show was a Canadian heritage minute if we've ever seen one.
A Canadian culture that can't speak to the many variations of Canadianness through its own storytelling really doesn't seem like much of a Canada at all.
This collection of stereotype-defiers, trailblazers, witty geniuses and bad-ass storytellers all have made a lasting mark on the Canadian media landscape.
Plenty of your favourite kids' shows are actually Canadian. Find out which ones in the video above!
The representation problem on Canadian screens is severe, not just in terms of ethnic diversity but also gender. Why are we still slow on the take, emulating what Hollywood does without considering what we should be doing better? Why are we still waiting for someone else to fix our problem?
Any time someone pontificates about Canada, they're going to get it in the neck - from regionalists who get red faced when any region but their own gets a moment in the spotlight, from people who simply feel their agenda isn't being represented. But those decrying the series' omissions are missing its intent.