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canadian women

Young women are especially pessimistic.
"I had lost that real passion for music. But it's so back again."
"I definitely can remember being called a squaw and a man assuming that he had access to me, to my body, to my hair."
Who run the world? Girls.
Women are breaking through in the very place where their numbers will not only make gender parity a reality in the next 10 years, but where the breeding grounds of gender dominance are all pointing in the same direction. I mean, of course, Canada's universities.
Ah, science!
But only on your sugar-pill week.
And here are their major achievements.
Things should return to normal fairly quick.
Girl power!
From anxiety to cold sores, this herb is a helper.
When my sister got breast cancer, I let my family doctor know. She had previously been on board with my choice to use thermography as my breast screening tool, but was no longer, so I started having mammograms. We know that mammography is not only an imperfect tool, but carries its own risks.
It had its ups and downs, but it was a good year, "because it's 2015."
Meet Canada's new female cabinet ministers.
Would you have children knowing it would leave you with only three per cent of your sight? It sounds like one of those dark "would you rather" games you play when you're getting to know someone. In Victoria Nolan's case, it was a very real decision that left her depressed and feeling like she could not be a strong role model for her children.
Let the games begin!
For some people who were born and raised in Canada, July 1st is little more than a day off work and a night sky filled with