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canadians for tax fairness

There is "mass public opposition to corporate tax avoidance."
All but four of the largest TSX-listed companies are "doing business" in known tax havens.
Canada Revenue Agency accused of "misleading" Canadians on its fight against tax evasion.
Capital gains taxes are the biggest problem, Toby Sanger says.
There is little argument that Canadians deserve a fair tax system. It is unacceptable that there be even the slightest perception that corporations and wealthy individuals can avoid tax investigations by hiring a lobbyist or high-priced tax lawyer. The minister should be demanding answers -- on behalf of all Canadians -- from her senior managers.
Google’s CEO may be “proud” of the way his company avoids taxes, but a Canadian tax watchdog group thinks the tech giant's
The case for change has never been stronger. If they want to do more than duct tape a broken system, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May need to adopt tax reform as a major thrust in their campaigns. So far, all we hear are general platitudes that avoid the real business of change. They underestimate voters' growing distrust of the current system.
Canada is doing less than many other countries in going after tax cheats, and honest taxpayers are getting stuck with the