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cancer awareness

Ovarian cancer is the most fatal women's cancer in Canada. Every year, 2,800 Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and every day, five Canadian women die from the disease. While all women are at risk for developing ovarian cancer, certain genetic mutations contribute to increased risk.
Collaboration itself is not a new word, but for the world of cancer research it's an innovative approach. My view is that we need to collaborate to maximize investment and increase research capabilities. Personal interests such as profit, competition, rivalry or recognition need to be put aside.
If you've ever known anyone who has lost their hair due to cancer treatment, you already know how disheartening and dehumanizing it can be. The No Hair Selfie campaign seeks to show support to the people going through that battle with a little cleverness and a tiny smirk on the side.
Never heard of Ewing sarcoma? Be grateful. It is a cancer of the bone and soft tissue, affecting mostly kids and young adults but can strike anyone, anywhere in the body, at any age. Researchers pinpointed a chromosomal translocation as the cause.
These days, cancer awareness is sung loudly — and rightfully so — in headlines every day of the year. There's a month dedicated
We received a phone call from the palliative care unit to hurry over, as my father-in-law was about to die. When we shook off the personal grief for a moment, the horror set in that the children no longer had their special Grandpa. He was gone and now we would have to tell them the sad, sad news.
A little over a year after I started running, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Running had made my mind and body strong. And there was never a time where I would need the strength more ...