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Cancer Treatment

He'll thankfully be returning to host the game show in September.
Yes, you can still have sex — even while you're in treatment.
Dr. Elizabeth Comen, an oncologist, walks you through your options.
American researches recently identified a way to amplify the virus' ability to slow tumour progression.
While I am still living with this incurable cancer, I have managed to turn my disease into my passion and continue to live a productive life. I recently celebrated my 15th year living with multiple myeloma, and can attest to the positive outlook for the future of others living with this condition.
2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpgUntil about ten years ago, the only weapons we had against this internal enemy were surgery, chemicals and radiation. But around that time, researchers began a quest to use more natural means to identify these antagonistic agents and rid them. Two very different strategies were initiated in the process. One relied on repurposing an already known enemy while the other utilized our own internal defense forces.
Canadians have a powerful resource at their fingertips that will transform how we screen, diagnose, treat, and provide support for those of us touched by cancer: our health data. Yet, accessing this resource is hindered by misconceptions about how and why health data can (and should) be used.
The toll will be about 5.5 million per year by 2030.
Planning for a return to work after time away for cancer treatment can be a daunting and stressful task. Occupational therapist Leslie Gibson says patients often come to her with concerns about the transition - from worries about fatigue to forgetfulness and concentration to anxiety about how colleagues will act around them once they return.
My family and I essentially lived at the Grand River Hospital's ICU the last two weeks. We were there to give comfort to my mom as she fought a valiant but losing battle with cancer. As odd as this may sound, they were two of the most inspiring weeks of our lives.