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canmore flooding

As waters rose to levels that threatened to swallow vast swaths of southern Alberta this summer, it was the question that
2. WE LEARNED THAT... those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Reports and strategies published following the 2005
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The Alberta floods claimed lives, destroyed communities and redefined for many what it means to be Albertan, and that entire
The people of Canmore want answers. A public meeting regarding recent flooding in the quiet mountain town drew dozens of
Although the very opposite could've happened, a new study shows the June flood actually brought out the best in Albertans
Out of everybody who had a hand at helping Albertans get back on their feet during the June floods, Prime Minister Stephen
When the flooding began in Canmore on the night of June 19th, nobody expected that the next few days would become such a nightmare for Southern Alberta. When the water finally began to recede, people transitioned from survival to recovery. Now, we're all learning to live with it. The financial devastation is going to be incredibly difficult for many to handle. Even for those who have policies with insurance companies who are covering some of their damage, the floods have obliterated any budget planning and savings for a lot of families. We've been told for years that many Canadians are carrying too much debt. Something like this increases the burden of that weight and some may break under it.
The 2013 flooding in the Province of Alberta, which resulted from excessive rainfall from June 19 to June 25 and the subsequent overflow of water tables across the region, was officially declared to be the "largest in provincial history" by Premier Allison Redford. In fact, it was so bad that it now has its own Wikepedia entry.
Calgary and Canmore flood victims forced from their homes will be able to pick up pre-loaded debit cards issued by the province
The Alberta floods have washed away homes, lives, hopes and dreams. They came quickly and did away with places we loved, mementos and our sense of safety. But just as quickly, neighbours came to the rescue and strangers became life savers.
RCMP released photos taken by by frontline officers of the devastation and chaos that floodwaters caused in southern Alberta
Everyone loves Naheed Nenshi. Canada's media is smitten, calling Calgary's mayor an indefatigableheroshining bright on the
The Trans-Canada Highway remains closed between Canmore and Banff, after serious flooding hit the area last week. wiping
As Alberta dealt with the aftermath of a flood that washed through towns and resulted in thousands of evacuations, some photos
When Christine Bierman and Mickey Cimolai set off to Canmore last week to begin preparations for their wedding, they were
The Trans-Canada Highway remains closed between Canmore and Banff, after serious flooding hit the area this week, wiping
Photos of Canmore show just how hard floods hit the Alberta town. The floods that began Thursday have left a trail of damage
A number of Alberta towns are under a boil water advisory, after heavy flooding and turbulent waters have churned up much
The flooding has hit Calgary and small-town Alberta hard, filling streets and fields, flooding basements, underpasses and