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Canopy Growth

Marijuana producers have lost two-thirds of their value over the past six months.
Canadian cannabis prices are likely to keep falling, analysts say.
All of it— even if your municipality doesn't accept it.
An early attempt at weed beer "tasted like rotten broccoli," apparently.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making it easier to crack down on weed in states where it's been legalized.
"Shutting out the private sector will only allow the illicit trade to flourish."
Tweed Main Street promises a "transformative shift" in the medical pot market.
Bill Blair says the Liberal government won't rush legalization.
The industry vows to fight back.
Everybody wants to know when the federal government will finally make this election promise a reality. Will it be next year? Or could it still be a couple of years away? I want to know as much as anyone else. And fortunately, I don't have to resort to asking for guesstimates from eternally-optimistic pot aficionados or tipsy businessmen in the bar. Instead, I'm fortunate enough to have access to the hotshots who run Canada's publicly-traded, industrial-scale growers.