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Capital Economics

Small business groups fear a wave of bankruptcies as shutdowns meet the holiday shopping season.
Canadian consumers and businesses were already heavily in debt when the crisis hit. That will make recovery a rocky process.
The Liberals’ emergency income support has prevented a sudden financial shock to households. But what happens when it ends?
Immigration to Canada will fall in the wake of the pandemic, putting downward pressure on house prices, Capital Economics says.
Canada's relatively high interest rates and rising commodity prices are making the loonie attractive. But the Bank of Canada might not like that.
The lag between start and completion means little can be done about a flood of new homes.
Our economy has become excessively reliant on housing, and there's no easy way out.
B.C.'s pricey housing market could suffer if marijuana prices drop.
Economists fear Canada's debt loads could soon burn the economy.
Canadians buy a lot of American stuff. Don't forget that, Donald.
Canada’s job situation may be worse than previously believed.
House prices have fallen 5.6 per cent in two months.
“Our ... concern now is that the housing bubble will burst before the year is out."
High-Paying Jobs Down 50,000 Over Past Year Trudeau May Need To Spend More Than Planned To Boost Economy Another Interest
Canada may be in the midst of a "technical recession," as economists like to call it (we won't know for sure until StatsCan's
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At least one economist is ready not only to use the “R-word” but has also put a number on the risk of a recession happening
The number of Canadians who have a job or are actively looking for work has reached a 13-year low. Canada’s labour participation