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carbon pricing

A carbon price 10 times higher will be more cost effective than regulations and subsidies, a new report says.
Almost 6,000 elementary and secondary schools will be eligible for the funding, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says.
The Tory leader has pledged to repeal the Liberals’ carbon pricing system.
Cash rules everything around ... many people.
Despite the political need to do more, to put it bluntly, you have to make the best of what is available.
The Liberals will likely return the revenue from a carbon tax directly to consumers.
Ontario businesses have cast a real vote of confidence in cap and trade by buying 100 per cent of the permits offered at the March 22 auction. There was strong interest in the futures market too. All told, the auction raised $470 million that the province must now reinvest back into climate action and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate change is "Made in China," but they get off scot-free. We need to admit one simple truth: handicapping Canadians with a tax will have zero effect on global climate change. However, that doesn't mean we can't exert influence and pursue real solutions.
Gas, groceries and heating costs are all expected to go up.
With more frequent, more severe and more damaging cycles of droughts and wildfires, storms and floods, it's clear that a more extreme and volatile climate is costly for Saskatchewan. Virtually everyone agrees that we need to prevent the worst consequences, as much as possible, and adapt to what we can't avoid.