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caroline mulroney

Ontario’s transportation minister says the cost of the project has ballooned to more than $5 billion.
Ford says he still won't attend the Toronto Pride parade because of its decision to ban uniformed police officers.
Unless the federal government steps in, refugee claimants will have to attend their hearings without representation.
Members of Doug Ford's government used selfies to push for beer and wine in corner stores.
Legal aid union and lawyers are fighting back against the province’s 30 per cent budget cut.
Minister Caroline Mulroney has faced questions about the funding increase for months.
Ford's cuts are not simple austerity, but an attack and betrayal of a community that has too long been pushed to the edge of existence itself.
The 33 per cent increase, promised by the Liberals, would be a game-changer.
Premier Doug Ford took questions on behalf of one of his ministers in question period.
'This is our place. This is our province. This is our city.'
Caroline Mulroney is defending Ontario's use of the controversial provision.
Caroline Mulroney, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, Tanya Granic Allen square off.
"No place in our party for white supremacists," Tanya Granic Allen said on Twitter.
She says rivals shouldn't fight for his "second ballot support at the expense of our party."
The position echoes the one taken by Christine Elliott.
The province desperately needs a leader who can deliver on a true conservative promise of reduced government waste, less taxes and a pro-business climate.
Ontario PC platform was counting on carbon pricing revenues to pay for tax cuts.