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Catholic Church

Offensive and harmful words are amplified by the internet, he says.
Pontiff slapped woman's hand away while he was meeting the public in St Peter’s Square.
I can't condone an institution that does not atone for its own sins.
People from around the world have gathered to push for reform within the Catholic Church.
"The shame of those who abused children in their institutions in the past is now theirs to wear."
Like any devout gay religious person, Mark Guevarra rejects false binaries and cherishes his faith to the best of his abilities.
Police investigated complaints regarding alleged offences in Australia in the 1970s.
When Pope Francis tells the world that it is better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic, he is using the incredulous folks as the bar for what is usually seen as immoral or sinful. But here we are, post-backhanded compliment, and the world seems to be rushing to give him more progressive legitimacy.
May the source of all these mysteries guide us home.
The life you have received, the breath that sustains you, the personality that characterizes you are imprinted with beauty, nobility and greatness. The love you have received, the love you have given are always present and make you -- like all of us -- people that are vested with great dignity in all circumstances.