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celebrity moms

"It's quite a connection."
They're all glowing.
Their mothers are A-list, obvs.
“I see myself as mom first... The world can like me, hate me or fall apart around me and at least I wake up with my kids and I’m happy.”
A mom’s first Mother’s Day is always a special one.
These celebrities became first-time moms at age 25 or under.
“At my next visit for a routine ultrasound, however, the baby's heart was no longer beating. Just like that, it was all over.”
On Sunday, May 10, many famillies celebrated Mother’s Day. As tradition, Time Magazine asked celebrity moms to write open
There are so many beautiful women in Hollywood, but some of the most stunning are celebrity moms who prove that age can do
While some kids resemble their parents, others are spitting images of their moms or dads. And Hollywood is no exception. With