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census 2011

Most of us know roughly how many people live in Canada, but do we know exactly how many of them live where? Well, we have
An innovative health clinic for new immigrants sees few patients trickle through its doors. Community health advisers scratch
More and more young adults in Canada continue living under their families' roofs. The 2011 Census Report of Population shows
More than 52 per cent of couples in Canada have children, but the makeup of those families has changed in the past five years
Gay and lesbian couples are walking down the aisle like never before, the 2011 Census suggests. The number of same-sex marriages
Just how old are Canada’s cities? The latest census results show that Canada has more seniors than it ever had while the
While the growth of New Brunswick's urban and suburban areas is not on the scale of larger cities in Canada, there are lessons to be learned from these larger centres where, after periods of rapid growth which led to vast landscapes of generic car-oriented sprawl, there has been a backlash and a desire to return to more walkable downtown-like neighbourhoods.
Thanks to the strong population growth in western and suburban Canada recorded in the 2011 Census, the Conservatives stand
Canada’s population may be growing faster than that of any other G8 country, but there are two Ontario cities that are not
More and more people are ditching detached homes in the suburbs for high-rise life in the big city. According to figures